Digital Altitude raises money for Bioscience research

There’s a new MLM out and they’re kinda hot right now. Digital Altitude is its name and they just raised a ton of money for Bioscience research so we thought we’d look into who they are. They didn’t donate money to VBC Genomics, but rather a private charity their company works with that funds all kinds of cancer and disease research projects.

After a quick Google search, most reviews like this one talk very highly of what the company is all about. However, not a typical business model with these guys. They’re an MLM company, meaning you can get paid if your friends join underneath you.

A pyramid scheme, right? Well, not always. Some MLM companies offer legit payouts and if you get enough people to join under you, you can actually make some decent money. But the common issue with this is that people usually refer a couple people and lose interest, stop putting in the work, and eventually fade out without ever making any money.

Happens over and over again. You see these dominant MLMs go under just a few years later. They’re a repeating story of hot opportunities that end up fading with the wind, changing with the seasons. By the time you join an MLM, the next hottest one just launched.

Is joining an MLM risky? It could be, if there is a high start-up cost and re-occurring fees and such. But if you can get 2-3 referrals, you’ll make your money back with most MLMs.

So why did this particular MLM decide to donate to Bioscience research? Well, it wasn’t a donation from the company as a whole, but rather an independent representative or “brand ambassador” decided that he wanted to share his profits with a good cause.

The donation remains anonymous as far as the name of the exact individual who pledged the money. But it’s the thought that counts and he remains an anonymous hero.

What does Digital Altitude sell?

Well, most of the products that DA sells are online courses and training resources that teach you how to build a digital passive income business. A digital passive income business you ask? Basically, its a business that you set up to run on autopilot that prints you money. There are no limits to how many of these you can set up for yourself, and no limits on how you can grow these income streams.

These can get powerful. Scary powerful.

Anything from content sites with affiliate links for the best hosting services, to local lead generation for local business owners, there are plenty of opportunities to build and grow your online business. Play your cards right and after a few successful web properties printing you money, you can easily build a six-figure passive income stream.

Take the year off to travel? No problem, your passive income businesses will still continue to shove money in your checking account.

Focusing on your health and fitness for a few weeks in order to prepare for an event? Not a problem, your sites will still print you money.

That’s why so many people are turning to the internet not only for daily purchases and shopping, but as a source of income. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work literally anywhere in the world that you can connect your laptop to Wifi?

Roll out of bed in Panama, jog out to the beach for some refreshing waves, dust off the sand on your Mac and start working in a hammock. Sounds miserable right?

These sound like far fetched ideas, but they’re not out of reach. It’s all about just starting somewhere and learning as you go. If you have nowhere to start, there are some great resources out there that will help point you in the right direction. Digital Altitude would be a great choice for this.

It is a common dream, especially in the last decade or two, to be able to work from a laptop. But it’s not an easy dream to achieve. But if you really want to make it happen, you can find a way.

So the next time you go to work and realize that you aren’t doing what you want to be doing, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what it would take to be able to build a passive income stream allowing you to live anywhere in the world and spend your time on whatever you wanted.

Digital Altitude will be around for a while and they seem like a great option to help you get started. They’ve got a great rep on the web and they are nice guys – not everyone raises money for Bioscience research.